Jan 22, 2014

If you love cars, or do your own maintenance, Chilton Library is priceless!

Chilton Library provides authoritative manuals online with monthly updates. This database includes thousands of domestic and imported car, truck, van and SUV models from 1940-present and includes repair, maintenance and specification tables.  You can access this database at Potter County Library, or with an e-card from home at http://sdln.net/cgi-bin/authgate/index.cgi?db=chl

You can register for a free e-card at http://www.library.sd.gov/forms/librarycard/index.aspx#.UuBCxIXnaig

To try this site out, I went to the link through  the South Dakota State Library (library.sd.gov), and typed in my car's specifications (2004 Buick Century) to investigate the maintenance, repair, and bulletins that were relevant. First, I was asked to find out what maintenance was suggested for my vehicle at 30,000 miles, and I found that it was quite a long list, but three items on the list were 1. service/inspect the fuel system 2. replace the spark plugs 3. replace the engine coolant-silicate.  My next task was to see when the most recent bulletin or recall was posted.  For my vehicle, that was on February 28, 2005, and it was a PC Initiative and Current GM Dealer Equipment Technical Information Bulletin.  My final task was to click the REPAIR tab and note some information about the brakes for my car.  There, I took a look at the wiring diagrams, specifications, and tools/equipment necessary to repair my antilock brakes.

This site is very thorough, and easy to use, and I highly recommend it for do-it-yourselfer's and those with an interest in vehicles for any purpose.  One thing to note though, was that some vehicles are not in the database, for example, a friend tried to look up information about her Subaru, and there was very limited information available.  My deduction is that some car manufacturers do not include their information in order to maintain a monopoly on the maintenance and repair of their products, which is rather unfortunate for consumers.

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  1. Hi, Potter County! Chilton Library is a wonderful resource for cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. from 1940- to the present, domestic & foreign. Thanks for your description. I'm curious about the year & model of your friend's Subaru, as information in Chilton Library is usually very complete. Thanks for your comments!